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Hand Electric Mini Drill Rotary Tool | Cutting, Engraving, Grinding and Sanding

Hand Electric Mini Drill Rotary Tool | Cutting, Engraving, Grinding and Sanding

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Hand Electric Mini Drill Rotary Tool | Cutting, Engraving, Grinding and Sanding

Hand Electric Mini Drill Rotary Too Main Features:

  • Our fantastic Rotary Tool comes with 15 accessories and 4 attachments, The flex shaft is for versatility of your project capabilities. Also cutting guide and multipurpose cutting bit is for hollowing any shape on wood. Auxiliary handle provides stability to tackle precise projects. And finally, transparent guide is protective for cutting and grinding.
  • Because of its rubber over molded grips, our device provides superior comfort and control making it easier to maintain control.
  • You can held it like a pen for precision works and also, you can held it as a hammer for rougher works. Ideal for DIY projects!
  • Several applications: You will be able to cut, engrave, polish, drill, sharpen, grind, sand or smooth workpieces. Ideal for building any holiday decorations!!!
  • You can adjust the speed flexibility according to the type of materials and the work you are going to do. Speed goes from 10000 rpm to 37000 rpm
  • 15 accessories, 4 attachments and protective glasses included!

 Technical Parameters:

  • Multi-Functions: You can engrave, do cutting, grinding and sanding over several materials
  • Variable Speed: 10,000 to 37,000 RPM that you can adjust depending on what you need to do and which you are going to work with.
  • Low speed: For cleaning applications
  • High speed: For shapping, grooving, slotting and hollowing in soft metals, plastics and woods.
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Power source: Corded electric

Package Includes:

1x Electric Mini Engraving Drill Rotary Tool | 5x Felt Polishing Wheels | 3x Grinding stones | 3x Sanding bands | 2x Drill bits | 2x Mandrels | 2x Sanding drums | 1x Cut-Off wheel | 1x Bit-Changing Spanner Wrench




"I'm absolutely happy with this product. It has a very comfortable size, and also is very accurate. I recommend it" - Corey J.



"This has been one of my best purchases ever. I really wanted and needed one of these devices. I found Engraver World and I realized that they are totally trustable people. A very secure website where to buy" - Jimmy L.



"I'm absolutely fascinated with my new Engraving rotary tool. I recommed it much! It's very portable and useful for any decoration at home. It's the perfect device for DIY artists and creative people" - Mary Y.


Frequently asked questions:

Will this do finely detailed carving?
Yes! Our machine is great for shapping, cutting, hollowing, slotting, grooving in soft metals, plastic and woods.

Does this device require high maintenance?
No, the Electric Mini Drill Rotary Tool is easy to maintain. This machine is one of the best ones for amateurs & enterprises. It is also easy to set up.

How long the machine will last?
It works with electricity, so it will last several and several years with the apropiate use and care.

Will replacement parts are available if needed?
YES! At Engraver World we have replacements, machinery, models and more! If you don't find what you are looking for, just contact us and we will try to get it for you.

How Much Is Shipping Cost? 
$0!! Shipping Cost for Any Engraving Machine is Free!

How long does it take to arrive to my address?
We have a fast and efficient shipping process. You will receive your machine within 5-7 days. We use the best shipping providers on market (DHL - UPS - FEDEX) for protecting our customer's products

Is there any Warranty?
Yes, we have a 120 Days Money Back Guaranteed. See our Return & Refund Policies for more information.

Do you have any other concern? 
We have 24x7 Customer Support. Write us an email at or call us at +1 469 751 6001


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