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Metal Laser Engraving Machine - 15W

Metal Laser Engraving Machine - 15W

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Metal Laser Engraving Machine - 15W

Pick, Place and Engrave on almost any surface you want. With our 15W Laser Engraving Machine, you'll be able to take into any DIY project and have amazing results with just a few clicks.

This USB plug-n-play laser engraving machine features print carving with high precision and high stability. This machine supports both offline & online operations.

Its really easy to use:

PICK an image.
2 PLACE any object you want to engrave.

The 15W Laser Engraving Machine is the ideal laser engraving machine - whether you start your business, want to speed up production or just have some fun. This 15000mW laser engraving machine is ideal for laser engraving usage with grayscale printing, low-light positioning, and freedom.

This portable Machine has a size of 32*30*21 cm, with a 14*20 cm working area. You can set it up anywhere. Connect it via USB to your computer and you are ready to go. You don't need previous experience with engraving or carving machines. 

With great versatility and easy to use, it's a great machine for anyone who wants their first engraving machine. It's able to carve and engrave in about every material you'll need. From Wood and bamboo, to stainless steel, iron and anodized aluminum.  

What materials can it engrave?

  • Stainless Steel, iron, anodized aluminum, Ceramics, stone, wood, bamboo, leather, plastics and more. 

You'll be able to engrave your logo, serial numbers, barcodes and more in any product or creation you want, with our 15W Metal Laser Engraving Machine. With it's powerful and sturdy laser it'll help you to create what you want in no time. Reducing your production times and costs. 

15W Laser Engraving Machine

With it's adjustable software and portable size this machine is great for anyone. It's designed for a laptop with professional control software, giving you an ultimate portable carving experience. You'll be able to set it up in almost anyplace and take it with you. This Engraving Machine will adapt to your current working space. 

This mini and portable DIY Laser engraving and marking machine has great functions and features at an affordable price.

  • Engrave in almost any surface: Stainless Steel, iron, anodized aluminum, Ceramics, stone, wood, bamboo, leather, plastics and more. 
  • Easy to Use: Is a plug and play solution. You need to assembly the machine, install the software, connect it via usb to your compute and you are ready to go.
  • High Precision: 0.00625mm
  • Power and speed: With pulse of 15 W, and average of 8W, and a focal laser that is adjustable by software it will give you a lot of versatility in your projects. And with a speed of 0.02 to 0.2 sec/pixel you'll have projects done in no time.

Laser Engraving Machine 15W Benefits:



  • Software 255 adjustable laser power, low-light positioning, positioning freedom, gray, shortest path algorithm
  • Power supply: input AC 100V-240V, 47Hz-66Hz
  • Power adapter:DC 12V 4A
  • Machine Dimensions: 28*32*23cm
  • Machine weight: 2.4KG
  • Software:Our ac master software, support Chinese, English, Russian languages.
  • Support Windows 7/8/10
  • Super-reduced instruction, 1 byte of instruction accounted for more than 40%
  • The explanation rate is 30 times faster than Arduino+grbl,, and instantly be able to complete the task of interpretation active instruction; shortest path algorithm can shorten the time.
  • Carving materials: stainless steel, ceramics, wood, bamboo, leather, plastics, etc. 


  • Name: Engraving machine
  • Model: ac140m
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy + acrylic
  • Drive system: stepper motor(step accuracy: 0.00625mm)
  • Max. Engraving Area: 14 x 20cm
  • Engraving speed: 0.02-0.2 seconds / pixel
  • Laser power: 15W (100ns duty 10W 50%) average 6-6.5W
  • No limit on object’s size, the machine can be set and worked on the object.
  • Interface: USB



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is software included with engraver?

YES! Software is included with every engraver

Which Laser Software is compatible with it?


Will this do fine detailed carving?

Yes, it can. Materials can be engraved: wood, bamboo, paper, plastics, leather, rubber, horn, sponge sheet or other flammable plastic (such as phone case, mouse, pencil, name card, wallet, plastic comb).

Can the laser be upgraded to high model in future?

YES! If you wish to upgrade the laser power you can directly contact us and we will upgrade the laser

Will replacement parts be available if needed?

YES! If in future you need replacement parts they are available.

Does Laser engraver require high maintenance?

NO! It just require little bit maintenance and nothing much

Can it burn on paint of aluminum?

Yes. the machine can

Can this cut on acrylic sheets?

Yes it can cut upto 3-4 mm of acrylic sheets

How long the machine will last?

With proper care the machine can last easily for 3-5 Years

What is the engraving size

The engraving size is 14X20 cm

How thick of wood can it engrave?

It can cut upto 0.5 mm of wood

Is it compatible with MAC?

YES! the laser works with all MAC and Linux device (With VirtualBox), not supported with chromebook (chrome OS), Software is also compatible with Windows devices

Can it cut on leather?

YES! It can cut 0.5 mm deep on leather

Can this cut EVA form?

Yes it can cut EVA form.

Can this engrave on OAK?

YES, it can engrave on oak


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