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Joe B.
Produces clean logos for my wood and leather work

I bought this to personalize my wood and leather work. Although the instructions are somewhat vague, it was fairly intuitive to use. I use Photoshop Elements to create the artwork and then convert to bmp files and import into the printer software. I run the software straight from the provided thumb drive because I can’t figure out how to install it onto my laptop. I have been very happy with the results on my work. It’s very clean but can be a little slow to engrave. I’m still playing with the settings.

Marcus Pante
Glad I decided to purchase this one.

This laser engraver is as easy to use as it says. I am very pleased with it, I have made name plates for my daughters friends and I even cut out a stencil from hard cardboard to paint my mailbox. The software has crashed a few times while setting up a project but has never failed once running. I have found that the unit is portable enough and the focal length allows you to set up the unit on a large project and complete it in sections.

Dr. Joe
Easy set up. Ready to run in minutes

Excellent product. East to set up and use. I use it to burn identification information into our beehive top bar frames made of pine to help identify the year, hive and position. Perfect engraving every time. Performed about 60 engravings so far. I would highly recommend this unit.

Pat Felitti
Much better than expected!

I purchased this to use to engrave a logo on my products. (AxeDangler Guitar Hangers).
I’ve only used it on wood and could not be happier.
I use only the usb drive so cannot speak to the software, but the usb drive is a no brainer.
The unit is solid and has not presented any surprises.
I could not be happier!

Michelle Ysasi
Patience is key

I got this for a Xmas gift. I finally got to sit down and mess with it and did practice initials I’m so excited to see what all this can do! I’m going to have to play with it to figure out the power it has but excited to learn

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