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Awesome starter for those learning the CNC world!

I love this machine. It takes a little bit to get going on it as you’re assembling it and also having to learn the various systems / software that run this little guy. You’ll need to understand G Code and be patient. Another thing is that Wanda's Support is phenomenal in their react to help you succeed in successful execution of running this machine. They’ve been quick in response in regards to other companies as well as sending out parts that may come up as a current issue to remedy the issue quickly.

Make sure to do your research before starting assembly as you need to live up the machine parts before you put it all together.

Thanks Wanda's!!!

Great first CNC experience

This is my first go at CNC and so far I really like this machine. I mainly got it for PCB milling but I've found it easy to do other milling projects as well. It did not take too long to assemble and the instructions were pretty good. I was able to download the Candle software to run on my Mac and got started milling the provided test files without any issues. The included milling bits seem to be pretty good quality as well. I wish that it came with a variety of bits instead of a set of identical 20 degree engraving bits, though. I'd recommend getting a set of different bits to go with it if you want to do anything other than engraving.

Daniel Morrigan
Amazing hardware

I have a few 3D printers, but I have wanted a machine that could serve more than one role in my workshop. The machine went together with no issues. I was able to use the laser module right after assembly. The software that comes with the machine has a lot to be desired. As I progress through getting to know the hardware better I will update this posting.

Gary A. Appel
Great Service

The router was very easy to assemble, and came up working right away. Other software is available for use with the router - I am presently operating the router from Linux, using software running in a browser window.

One of my first projects was making a replacement lever for locking a sliding glass door - without the CNC router it would have been much more difficult. The CNC router carved the part exactly as I designed it. The lever has been replaced, and we can lock the door again.

My best review regards their customer service. When I addressed an issue I had, their customer service responded immediately, and rushed me a replacement part that I needed. The CNC router isagain up and running.

I still have much to learn. My primary desire is to use the router for machining parts - I still need to investigate using the router for engraving. It should keep me busy for some time to come.

Dean T Hobbs
Nice little machine.

Assembly is super easy. The software has a bit of a learning curve. I still haven’t learned the 3-D aspect. I’m not a fan of how you have to convert your image file to an SVG, using one software. The , using another convert it to a G-Code file. Then! Load into the provided software.

All-in-all, I love it. You’re not just going to plug it in and go, but once you get the hang of it, you can do some pretty awesome stuff. I’ve even started it, and walked away to let it do it’s thing.

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