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becky j bultema
Good value...easy to learn

I bought this machine knowing nothing about laser engravers. It serves my purpose well. Was pretty easy to learn after playing with it a while. I was going to have a branding iron made for my logo, but now I can do custom engraving for people I make cutting boards for.

Robert Ray
Great choice for a a quality engraver.

I did a ton of research before purchasing this engraver. Thanks to a lot of the reviews on here, I decided it was worth a shot. I could not be happier.
I am using this to engrave my company logo onto product that I design, make and sell. After some trial and error with the power and depth levels, I found what works best for the polycarbonate I am using it on (Power 80, depth 20 is what I am using currently).
While there are a massive amount of various engraving machines out there, for the price, quality, ease of use and ease of assembly this won my vote and earned my confidence.
Quite happy with the results I have seen from it and I have only scratched the surface of what it can do.

D. Upton
Really fun!

 I'm loving this laser system. Very quick learning curve, once I figured out that images had to be imported into device in .bmp format, i was engraving everything. I played with the settings on some scrap wood i had laying around and an old powdercoated walmart water bottle before i tried on a Yeti cup. Yep, the video is an engraving on a yeti. Since the yeti is top of the line product, I made 2 passes of the program, with the second pass being at ½ of the power and 3x speed or in other words, one rough cut and one fine cut. CAUTION use in a well ventilated area.

If you are careful with the settings, you can also use on darker microfiber shirts, just super low power and fast speed.

Totally recommend this as a fun hobby tool.

Get some better laser safe eyewear if you are not going to shield the device.

I really like this Laser engraver, easy to use.

I had started with a small 500 or maybe 1000 mw engraver 2 years ago that did good but only a small area. Maybe 2' square. I have been searching now for a couple of weeks and this unit looked good. I did have a problem (My fault) with the software so did email the company. I got a reply with in 2 hours and problem solved. None of the software that comes with these units is, shall we say top of the line but you can work around with them. This unit is way faster and way more powerful than my first unit. it cuts sharp clear lines. You will have to play around with the depth and power adjustments on some scrap material. All in all worth every penny I paid for it...
I added 2 new photos of work I did yesterday, this was a trivet that I picked up at a thrift store. I had the engraver burn the image into it. I had the engraver set at a law depth #6 and power at 100%. Next one I do I am going to set power and 80%.
This is a really fun machine to work with.

A great piece of equipment with large draw area

 There’s no two ways about it, it’s a great piece of equipment. Focusing the laser is easy, the ability to see *exactly* where the image will be engraved is excellent. You can position with such accuracy (which is all I worried about). I have only done leather and plastic pieces so far, and I’m still figuring out depth and laser power for each material. But here’s the thing: if you go too low power on an item? You can realign and go over it again with precision to get a deeper more pronounced etch. I really love it so far. Super easy assembly and set up. I look forward to doing a lot with it. If you work with Photoshop every day like I do and understand imaging well-you can see even more potential. But you don’t have to have that background to use this excellent machine.

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