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Laser Engraving Machine - 3000MW Blue CNC For wood, Leather And More

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Experience unmatched precision and unleash your creativity with the Laser Engraver. Whether you're a novice or an experienced engraver, this machine is designed to deliver exceptional precision and versatility to elevate your crafting and engraving projects.


Discover the extraordinary capabilities of the Laser Engraver Machine - 3000MW Blue CNC, designed to take your crafting and engraving projects to new heights. This remarkable machine is engineered for precision and versatility, enabling you to work with an extensive range of materials. From wood and plastic to leather, paper, cards, and more, this laser engraver empowers your creativity.

Thanks to the included user-friendly software, translating your designs into reality is a breeze, ensuring exceptional detail and accuracy in every project. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a beginner embarking on your creative journey, the TwoTrees TTS-55 Pro is your portal to a realm of limitless creative possibilities. Experience the gratification of personalized engraving and precise cutting, all while achieving outstanding results.

Materials You Can Work With:

  • Wood

  • Bamboo

  • Plastic

  • Paper

Perfect for Cutting:

  • Paper

  • Thin Leather

  • Foam

  • Leather

  • Cards

  • Rubber

  • And many more

Not Suitable for:

  • Stone

  • Glass

  • Transparent materials

What's Included with Your Purchase:

  • Power Supply

  • Laser Safety Glasses (X1)

  • Instruction Manual

  • X-Axis Beam (X1)

  • Base Plate and Cables

  • Screw Kit

  • Tensioning Kit

  • Front Y-Axis Frame Profile (X1)

  • Rear Y-Axis Frame Profile (X1)

  • USB Cable

  • Rubber Feet

  • Laser Module

  • Laser Module Kit

  • Tool Kit

Everything you need to start your creative journey is right at your fingertips.

Tech Specs

  • Laser Module Power: 5.5W (optional 10W)

  • Wavelength: 445 ± 5nm

  • Engraving Precision: 0.1mm

  • Engraving Speed: 10,000 mm/min

  • Supported Software: MAC, Windows

  • Machine Material: Aluminum profile + plastic parts

  • Languages: Chinese, English, Italian, French, German

  • Engraving Mode: USB online, TF card

  • Engraving Modes: Graphic Engraving, File Engraving, Scanning Engraving, Contour Engraving, Pixel Engraving 

  • Power Supply: 12V 4A DC

  • Control Board: LTS ESP32 (32-bit)

  • Supported File Formats: NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, Gcode, etc.

  • Input Power: 40W/80W 

  • Software Support: LaserGRBL (Windows), Lightburn (General)

  • Power Type: European standard/American standard

  • Working Environment: Temperature 5-40 ℃, Humidity 20-40% - 60%

  • Engraving Materials: Wood, plastic, paper, leather, sponge paper, aluminum oxide


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The Ultimate Tool for Precision Engraving

Unlock unparalleled creativity and precision with the TwoTrees TTS-55 Pro Powerful Laser Engraver. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your engraving journey, this machine empowers you to bring your ideas to life with exceptional precision and versatility.

Elevate Your Crafting and Engraving Projects

Compatible Materials for Engraving and Cutting

Unlock the potential of working with a wide range of materials and elevate your crafting experience to new heights.









Getting Started with Your Laser Engraving Machine

Using the Laser Engraving Machine - 3000MW Blue CNC is a straightforward process:


Follow the provided instructions to assemble the engraver, which comes partially pre-assembled, in just 30 minutes.

Software Setup

Install compatible software (LaserGRBL for Windows or Lightburn for general use) on your computer.

Material Preparation

Secure your engraving material within the 300x300mm working area.

Design and Start

Load your design, focus the laser, and initiate the engraving or cutting process through the software interface. Monitor the process and enjoy your precise results!

Always wear the provided laser safety glasses during operation for eye protection.

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The Ultimate Tool for Precision Engraving

Unleash creativity and precision with our Laser Engraving Machine - 3000MW Blue CNC. Perfect for beginners and pros alike. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about the Laser Engraving Machine - 3000MW Blue CNC:

What materials can I engrave and cut with the TTS-55 Pro?

You can work with materials like wood, plastic, paper, leather, sponge paper, and aluminum.

Is it easy to assemble, even if I'm a beginner?

Yes, the TTS-55 Pro comes partially assembled and can be set up in just 30 minutes.

Which software is compatible with this machine?

It's compatible with software such as LaserGRBL (for Windows) and Lightburn (general use).

How can I protect my eyes during operation?

We include laser safety glasses and a laser filter cover that filters out 98% of ultraviolet light.

What kind of materials are not suitable for engraving or cutting?

Transparent or reflective materials, stone, glass, and ceramics cannot be engraved or cut.

How do I maintain and clean the TTS-55 Pro Laser Engraver for optimal performance?

Regularly clean the laser lens, ensure proper ventilation, and follow our maintenance guidelines provided in the user manual for peak performance and longevity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 344 reviews
Anna M.
So Much Versatility

This laser engraver is incredibly versatile. I've used it on wood, leather, and even plastic - and it delivers precise results every time. The included software makes my projects a breeze to complete.

Laura S.
Outstanding Precision

The level of precision this engraver offers is outstanding. I've created intricate designs on paper, and the results are breathtaking. This is a game-changer for my crafting projects.

Emily R.
Creative Freedom

I'm in love with this laser engraver! It has opened up new creative possibilities for me. The user-friendly software ensures I can bring my ideas to life with ease.

Maria K.
Perfect for Beginners

As a beginner, I was pleasantly surprised at how user-friendly this engraver is. It's helping me learn and create without feeling overwhelmed. I'm excited to explore more projects.

Jessica P.
Great for Professionals

I use this engraver for professional projects, and it never disappoints. It handles complex designs with precision, and the results are always outstanding. It's a valuable addition to my tools.