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Laser Module for PCB Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Module for PCB Laser Engraving Machine

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Laser Power

Because we know you love to use our Laser PCB Engraving and Etching Machine CNC, we have brought to you the laser replacement for you to enjoy your Engraving Machine!


Technical Parameters:

Laser Power: 1000mw/2500mw laser/3000mw laser/5500mw laser/7w /10w /15w
Material: Aluminum Alloy+Plastic
Light Color: Blue-violet
Wave Length: 450nm
Facula Form: Punctiform, Adjustable Focus
Input Voltage: 12V 2A
Drive Mode: Extraposition ACC Constant Current
Cooling Mode: Active / Forced Air Cooling
Interface Parameter: XH-2.54-3Pin / Support PWM
Item Size: 9.5*3.3*3.3cm / 3.74*1.29*1.29in
Package Size: 15*15*5cm / 5.9*5.9*1.96in
Item Weight: 253g / 8.92oz
Package Weight: 600g / 21.16oz
Materials that can be carved: 
Wood material, paper, plastic, leather, bamboo, bone tooth, PU, rubber, cowhide, horn, crab shell, lobster shell, resin, spectacle lens, metal, spray paint.

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